Las Vegas Rapper, Baby Gemini Unleashes Her Engaging New Anthem

Nowadays, anybody with an inkling of a following thinks that they can and should make music. 90% of these, “creatives,” absolutely can and should not be doing so. Hailing from Las Vegas, Baby Gemini is not apart of that 90%, her content draws eyes and now, ears. Amassing a huge following by way of a SUPER active OnlyFans page, she releases her high octane new single, “Set It Off.”

Set to the tone of thumping production, “Set It Off,” is an aggressively charged, declarative single that showcases a more evil side to the otherwise bubbly Twitter personality. Rhyming about her disgust for, “twitter bitches,” and getting money, the song is resonating with Gemini’s fanbase very well because of it’s authenticity. Instead of getting on the record and being somebody she isn’t, she just upped the ante and made a statement.

Check out the single below and get familiar with Sin City’s new diva.



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