Atlanta Rapper, TTG Fred Turns in His Engaging New Video for, “Headshot”

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There are many things that we are in control of in this world, but one thing is for sure, we do not control everything. While sitting in his home in Atlanta, rapper and father, TTGFRED was shot in the head with a stray bullet that went through his home. While he has since recovered, the traumatic experience led him to taking stock into what was important, as his kids, girlfriend and little sister were also in the room when he was hit. Taking all of this pain and bottling it up, he returns to the scene with his new video, “Headshot.”

Directed by Fred himself, “Headshot,” is an engaging video that showcases what looks like the aftermath of the shooting, chronicling his return to the studio. Donned in a medical head-wrap with a medical wristband, the charisma of the Atlanta native is fully on display, as he exudes confidence, pain and hope all in the same video. Crooning poignant lyrics about the topic over the emotional production, he also displays an impressive vocal range that I wasn’t aware was in his arsenal.

With God obviously on his side, it’s a blessing that Fred was fortunate enough to survive that near-fatal incident. While he also gets to continue being a Father, we’re also lucky enough to see him continue to be an artist and grow. Check out the video below and get familiar with TTGFRED.

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